As of Conference ’71, we shall refer to ourselves as the ASSOCIATION. AJLA changed to AJL (Association of Junior Leagues, Inc.). Community Research researched and published “Profile of Newport News Youth”, and also presented to Newport News public schools a film entitled “Drugs are Like That”. Fundraising new activity, a Tennis Program, profit: $4,200. School Volunteer Program was established in Hampton and Newport News schools. Environmental Committee purchased film “The Gifts” for in-League and community education. Continued commitment to Newport News Community Child Care Center through financial and executive administration. James River Juried Art Exhibit continues to be outstanding project.


Community Research instrumental in establishment of Attention Home in Hampton. Environmental Committee planned, executed, and publicly advertised our membership’s “Return to Returnables” campaign. Child Care Center found permanent home under OEO. Success of JRJ and growth of the School Volunteer program continued.


Celebrated our 25th Anniversary as a Community Service Organization. Exciting and profitable year for Ways-Means activities: the highly successful Bargain Bazaar sale (a first of its kind); a Tennis Program, incorporating the USLTA insert, published and sold by the League; and JLHR cookbook had its beginning with recipe solicitation and TESTING! School Volunteer Program expanded into more Newport News and Hampton elementary schools and JRJAE started another spectacular contemporary exhibit complete with docent program for school classes. Community collection now numbers 31 works of contemporary art.


Established a JLHR headquarters by leasing an office suite at 1310 Todds Lane, Hampton. School Volunteer Program and James River Juried Art Exhibit continued as major community projects. Seventh Annual JRJ held this year was the final show of this project under its original concept. Ways-Means activities netted sizable profits from the Second Annual Bargain Bazaar Sale and commission from sale of Tennis Tournament tickets. Cookbook continues in its final production stage before publication.


Held Learning Difficulties conference at Christopher Newport College as kick-off of a major community project. Group Foster Home, a joint major project with the Hampton Roads section of the Council of Jewish Women, formed a board, began work, and sponsored a money raiser, “Front Page Follies”. Ways & Means: successful third Bargain Bazaar, Tennis Tournament ticket sales most successful, cookbook went to press. James River Juried Community Collection was given to Christopher Newport College.


Held most successful “Front Page Follies” jointly with Hampton Roads Section of Council of Jewish Women which enabled groups to open Peninsula Youth Home, 3335 – 54th Street, Newport News, in February. The home serves seven girls ages 11-17. Learning Improvements project developed and grew at Parkview School. Bargain Bazaar held 4th annual successful sale. Virginia Hospitality cookbook published in November; 10,000 copies sold by March. Helped sponsor Child Abuse Conference at Christopher Newport College.


Fifth successful Bargain Bazaar, netting proceeds of over $16,000, was held. The third edition of Virginia Hospitality was published. Expansion of the Learning Improvement Program was planned with the League accepting responsibility for a part-time Director’s salary and for coordination of the six schools. League voted to start “Art in a Suitcase” as a pilot in one Newport News school. Although we had previously celebrated our 20th and 25th anniversaries as a volunteer organization, 1976 marked our 20th anniversary as a member of the Association of Junior Leagues.


Expanded “Art in a Suitcase” to include two schools; provided the salary for the LIP Director; and adopted the Child Protection Campaign and Curiosity Corner. Held sixth successful Bargain Bazaar with profits of $15,400; first Design ’77 with profits of $7,500; and sold fourth and ordered fifth edition of Virginia Hospitality, which turned over $20,000 to Community Trust. Sponsored with First and Merchants Bank a highly successful finance forum entitled “Women and Money”.


Educated the membership on the pros and cons of the proposed Equal Rights Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Grants Resources Library established in cooperation with the City of Hampton. The Learning Improvements Program was turned over to the Newport News school system. Researched and planned designs and exhibits for Curiosity Corner. Increased public awareness and understanding of the problems of child abuse and neglect by purchasing and showing the film “A Chain to be Broken” to more than 85 citizens groups. Held a forum in the fall to try to determine how the League could meet some of the community needs in the area of child abuse and neglect.


Grants Resources Library was honored to be designated a Regional Collection of the Foundation Center of New York, one of two in Virginia. Began a three-year liaison with PAA. Continued progress with “Art in a Suitcase”, Curiosity Corner, and Child Protection Campaign. Peninsula Youth Home closed for lack of funding. Sixth edition of Virginia Hospitality is selling well.