Hampton Roads Service League formed with steering committee of eight members. Organizational meeting held in December with approximately 50 prospective members in attendance. Placement Committee formed. First Provisional course presented in accordance with Junior League policy. First fund raising venture, “Voting Modes”, a fashion show and bridge party for benefit of proposed sodium fluoride dental clinic.


Hampton Roads Service League, Incorporated. Application made for membership into the AJLA. Bargain Shop established as permanent money-making project. First Arts project produced; children’s musical program, “Magic in Musicland”, presented on WTAR radio in cooperation with Norfolk’s Junior League.


With backing of Virginia Society for Crippled Children and Adults and with support of civic groups, the Hampton Roads Service League’s School of Speech became reality. The Bargain Shop and the First Benefit Ball provided financial support.

The charter members are listed below:

Mrs. George C. Abbott

Mrs. George F. Abele, Jr.*

Mrs. William Allaun, Jr.

Mrs. Hunter B. Andrews

Mrs. John Ball*

Mrs. John L. Baltes*

Mrs. Paul R. Bickford*

Mrs. Elinor Hedrick Buxton*

Mrs. George B. Colonna, Jr.*

Mrs. R. Macnider Davis, Jr.

Mrs. Thomas N. Downing*

Mrs. Andrew Duncan

Mrs. J. Warren Dunston

Mrs. Walter Eames

Mrs. J. Weston Gill, Jr.*

Mrs. Barnes Gillespie*

Mrs. Henry S. Groome*

Mrs. Herbert V. Kelly

Mrs. W. Lane Kelly, Jr.*

Mrs. Britt League, Jr.*

Mrs. Hugh M. Martin

Mrs. Marshall Milton

Mrs. William A. Mitchell

Mrs. Edwin J. Morgan*

Mrs. Lloyd U. Noland, Jr.

Mrs. Betty Irvin Phillips

Mrs. R. Vollie Richardson, Jr.*

Mrs. Gordon Roberts

Mrs. A. G. Russell

Mrs. W. Hutson Salley*

Mrs. Gayle Sanford

Mrs. George H. Sergeant

Mrs. Vernon Spratley, Jr.*

Mrs. Thomas Tabb*

Mrs. Frederick N. Thompson

Mrs. S. Frazier Van Bibber

Mrs. G. Guy Via, Jr.

Mrs. Edgar B. Wertheimer, Jr.


* Deceased